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Day 36

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BREAKING NEWS: This week's task

17:35, Day 36 (June 28 2002) - By Neil Wilkes

Housemates will get the chance to get rid of the bars in this week's task.

Tomorrow at 10pm, the remaining seven housemates will be called into the diary room one by one, where they'll be asked a question about one of their fellow housemates.

If they answer correctly, they'll exit the diary room and move immediately to the rich side. If they fail to answer correctly, they'll have to walk to the poor side.

If all seven housemates pass the task, then the divide will be removed. But there's a twist..

If, at the end of the task, one or more have got their question wrong, then BB will offer a surprise "Killer Question" opportunity, allowing one person on the rich side to gamble with their place on the rich side. If they get the question right, then the divide will come down. If they get it wrong, however, they'll have to move over to the poor side.

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